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Science Fair Projects

Science Projects for your Fair!
Welcome to Terimore Science Projects. For years we've been providing students with an amazing variety of fun, cool and easy science projects and instructions you can download right now! All of our projects come with step by step guidelines to help you complete a winning science project.

All Science Fair Projects Include:
Step-by-Step Instructions · Materials List · Scientific Method Overview · Judge's Insights · Display Guide & Presentation Tips · Start-to-Finish Guides see a sample science fair project!


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K-7th Grade Science Fair Projects:


8th-12th Grade Science Fair Projects:

 Science Fair Projects News & Notes:


Floating in Salt
Just how much salt to you have to add to water to make an object float. This science fair project will show you just how much. For example, if you add enough salt to the water can you float a rock?
Read on....

Eroding Soap
Drip. Drip. Drip. No this is not a water torture but it is often the cause for erosion. Some soaps will erode quickly. Some will last longer. This fascinating science fair project will teach you a lot about how water erosion works.
Read on....

The Truth About Hydroponic Farming
Can I grow fruit and vegetables without soil? What is the truth about hydroponic farming? You can find out for yourself in this science fair project and maybe have a piece of nice fruit or a salad when you are finished.
Read on....

Which Popcorn is the Poppiest?
Wouldn't it be great if I could find out for myself just which brand of popcorn pops the most kernels. If I made popcorn using different temperatures, would I get different results?
Read on....

Which Fabric Will Dry the Fastest?
Next time you have to go out into the rain, you should wear a coat or a jacket that will dry out quickly. No sense wearing a wet piece of clothing all day. This fascinating science fair project will help you know what kind of fabric to buy for rainy days. You can tell your mother and your sister everything you learn and they will be very impressed.
Read on....

Which Frozen Liquid Will Melt the Fastest?
This wonderful science fair project will help you to determine whether frozen Dr. Pepper will melt as fast as Coke. You will learn if orange juice will melt as fast as grapefruit juice. When you learn these wonderful things, you can tell your friends and they will be amazed and charmed at how very smart you are.
Read on....

Which Has Greater Acidity (pH), a Lemon, an Orange or a Grapefruit?
Citrus fruits may have a certain amount of acid and some have more than others. If the teacher ever asks the class, which citrus fruit has the most acidity, you may be the only one in the class that knows the answer if you do this exciting science fair project.
Read on....

Can I Determine What Kind of Food Ants Like the Best?
The next time someone asks you what kind of food ants like best, this science fair project will give you the information you need to answer correctly. You will be amazed at the variety of different foods that ants will eat. If you are at a party and someone asks what kind of food ants eat, you may be the only one that knows the answer.
Read on....

Which is the best insulator of heat? Of cold? Is it tin foil or paper? Is it fabric or plastic?
This science fair project will help you and your mother determine just what you should wear to school on cold days and on hot days. Once you learn all about materials and how they perform under different temperatures, you will be more comfortable.
Read on....

Do Girls Have Better Manners at the Shopping Center Than Boys and Men?
Well you may just think that those pretty little girls with their ribbons and lace are very well behaved at the supermarket and other stores in the shopping center. But upon close observation you may find that the boys are better behaved than the girls. This science fair project is great for wannabe social psychologists and observers of the scene.
Read on....

Is there any relationship between the size of a watermelon and the number of seeds in it? Just an unusual science fair project.
Pit your mind on this science fair project and a watermelon may be your reward. You will be surrounded by watermelons and have to do a lot of counting, but you will love it because it is all in the interest of science. You may be surprised at the results and perhaps win a first place award in science fair.
Read on....

Which substance absorbs the most spilled oil? Slick idea for a science fair project.
Oil company rigs are always getting busted. Oil tankers seem to spill oil in our oceans and beaches. All this bad stuff clogs up the environment, is terrible for our wildlife, and makes life miserable. We should have alternate energy programs in place to get rid of the oil. You can help by learning how to get rid of spilled oil. This science fair project will get you started.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: Can I really generate electricity from fruit?
There may be lightning in an apple. Or perhaps a zap or two from a nice ripe peach. Maybe a zinger or two in a bing cherry. You will be able to determine whether or not you can generate a real electrical charge from a watermelon or a bunch of grapes.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: Which has more bacteria, your shoes, a door knob, your telephone, the toilet seat, or your comb?
This is really a difficult one to guess. You might think that toilet seats have more bacteria than a door knob or a telephone, but who knows. If you wash your hair regularly you may not have too much bacteria in your comb. If you speak directly into your telephone, you may be getting a lot of bacteria in the mouthpiece. You can find the real answer to all of these questions in this interesting project.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: Just how much salt does it take to make an object float?
Is it true that if you have enough salt you can float almost anything? If you kept pouring salt into the water could you float a rock, or a big hunk of metal? This salty science fair project will help you find out. You will have lots of fun with family and friends when you find out.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: How much water is there in different fruits?
This fruity science fair project will lead you to the most water you can find in different kinds of fruit. You will be able to amaze your friends and family when you learn that lemons contain 96% water and that olives only have 75% water. This does not mean that if you are very thirsty you should drink pure lemon juice. Nor does it mean that if you are not very thirsty you should drink the juice of an olive. But you will love this project.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: How will temperature affect rust on a penny or a paper clip, at different temperatures, in different liquids?
Everyone who loves to fool around with chemistry will love this project where you can actually determine for yourself just how different temperatures and different liquids will affect rust accumulating on a bunch of different objects. You can use paper clips or pennies or nails. For liquids you can use water, or orange juice or soda or anything you like.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: Which soft drink contains the most fizz?
How many times have your argued with your friends about this question? You say that Coke has the most fizz and your friend says it's Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. Now you can settle argument once and for all in a very scientific manner.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: Which uses more water, a bath or a shower?
Everyone should want to conserve water. If we all do our part, we may help to save the planet from a water shortage. One way to help is to save water when you bathe or shower. But which one saves the most water. Here is a scientific test to help you determine whether the shower or the bath uses the most water. When you find out you can tell all of your family and friends.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: Does age make a difference in lung capacities?
Breath in, breath out. Just how much air can a person hold in their lungs? Does age have any affect on how much air a person can hold? Do men or women have greater lung capacity? Do athletes have greater capacity than people who are couch potatoes? You can be the researcher who finds the answer to all of these questions.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: What effect does yeast have on the decomposition of apples, bananas and bread?
The answer to this very vital question can be found if you do this project. The fate of the planet may depend on knowing what happens. But seriously, this intellectual exercise will be a lot of fun if you use the scientific method to make these determinations, and maybe win a first prize for science fair.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: Can I Make a Fried Green Egg?
We are all used to eating eggs with a nice yellow color, but "green" eggs. Now that's something else. Your friends and family will either love you or wonder what's going on.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: Just How "Permanent" are "Permanent" Markers?
You have probably read the advertising on marking pens of all kinds claiming that they are "permanent". Some are and some are not. You can now find out for yourself.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: All About Water.
Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Here is an interesting project about the most abundant thing on earth.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: Which Toothpaste Will Give You the Whitest Teeth?
You can actually buy and test several brands of toothpaste and determine which brand makes teeth the whitest.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: Can I Make My Own Gravestone Rubbings?
Once upon a midnight dreary. You can go into the graveyard, at night if you are brave, and make rubbings on the gravestones. Really nice ones can be hung on your wall.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: Is Gatorade Any Good For You?
There are lots of ads about super drinks and all the good that they will do for you. Find out for yourself about Gatorade.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: Does the Weight of a Pumpkin Have Any Relationship to the Number of Seeds?
This is a nice project, especially at the Halloween time of year. Better get out that adding machine.
Read on....

Science Fair Project: How Should I Cook Vegetables So As Not to Lose the Good Vitamins?
No sense eating green vegetables that are supposed to make you healthy if you lose all of the vitamins when you cook them
Read on....

Science Fair Project for Bubbly People
Science Fair Project for Bubbly People In this bubbly science fair project you will put different bubble solutions in jars, expose the jars to different temperatures and then determine if the temperature affects how long the bubbles last. You will probably find out from you experiments that as you increase the temperature of a bubble solution, the molecules in the liquid and the gas inside the bubbles move more quickly. Read on....

Science Fair Project About the affect of Hydroponics on the Root Growth of Plants
You do not need a lot of room to grow fruit and vegetables. Perhaps you can do as well without soil and grow your plants in just water alone. Here you can test for yourself just how successful this method can be. Will the plants grow better in soil, tap water, or chemical solution? Read on....

Science Fair Project About Water in Orange Juice
When drinking your orange juice, you may have been drinking more water than real orange juice. You can find out for sure and then impress your friends and family with your new found knowledge There is a lot of water in most of the fruits that we eat. Tomatoes for example have more water than any other fruit coming in with a whopping 97% water. The least amount of water in any fruit is the date with only 20% water. Lots more to learn in this project. Read on....

Science Fair Project: Get on Your Bike and Learn All About Centrifugal Force
This project is good for wannabe physicists and you can actually watch as constituents are separated on your own homemade centrifuge. When things are spun around on a bike or a centrifuge, there is a force which throws everything away from the centre of rotation. We call this centrifugal force, which like gravity is proportional to the mass. So dense liquids like vinegar will feel more centrifugal force than less dense ones like oil, which separates them out. Lots more to learn about centrifugal force. Read on....

Science Fair Project: Yes You Can Actually Make Your Own Thermometer
You can be a hero to your friends and family because you never have to go out in the cold again without being properly dressed after you have done this project. You will have your own thermometer and you will know when it is really cold. Never get caught out in the cold again! Read on....

Science Fair Project: Your Grass May be Greener
If you have never grown anything in a garden before, this is an opportunity to do a science fair project and have your own green grass garden and take care of it yourself. For this science fair project you will also need grass seed, soil, scissors, a log book, a camera, some fertilizer, water and a watering can. Read on....

Science Fair Project: Do Liquids Conduct Electricity? Which liquid is the best conductor?
Benjamin Franklin is very well known for many things, one of which is his experiments with electricity. Now you can conduct your own experiments and see which liquids are better conductors of electricity. Read on....

Science Fair Project: How Will Different Nutrients and Fertilizers Affect the Growth of Plants?
This fun and educational project about how different plants will grow when they are fed with different fertilizers will be a good one for science fair. The human race needs good food and water and sunshine to grow healthy and so do plants. Read on....

Science Fair Projects and the Business of Science
Science fair projects are just great to help get young students interested in science. Perhaps students will want to continue after science fair and think about becoming botanists, or environmental scientists or chemists or biologists. Read on....

How To Write A Science Fair Project and Almost Anything Else Very Easily.
One of the most difficult things to do is to get started writing a science fair project. Or for that matter almost anything else, whether it be a term paper, or a newspaper article or a short story.

Science Fair Projects: You don's have to do the same old, same old. Just because your older brother or sister once did a science fair project about volcanoes or eggs or science fair project using baking soda does not mean that you have to do the same. Read on for more science fair project ideas.

Science Fair Projects: A Good Start But Not Enough.
Doing science fair projects is a good way to get a young student interested in a career in some technical or scientific business. There are many careers that one can pursue where science fair projects can be the flame that ignites the students' interest in a technical career. Read more...

Science Fair Projects for Wannabe Psychologists.
Science fair projects on psychology are important if you are planning to pursue a career about human behavior. There are many science fair projects for all grade level which will get the student involve in the study of behavior. Read on...

A Teachers Guide to Fourth Grade Science Fair Projects.
The most important objective in science fair projects is to give the student a brand new dicipline. This is all about scientific method. Read on.

How to get a teaching job in science. Science fair projects are a good beginning.
Perhaps doing science fair projects motivated you to want to get a job teaching science. Read More.

Science Fair Projects Can Lead to Top Jobs in the Future
If your children do well in their science fair projects, there is no telling just how far they might go with a carrier in science. Read More.

How to choose a science fair project winner?
A science fair project winner for you may be very different than a science fair project winner for your friend or neighbor, or even your brother or you sister.

How Parents Can Help Children With Science Fair Projects?
It's that time of year again when students all over the country have to do science fair projects. Read On.

How to find and choose science fair projects on the environment?
Perhaps the most timely subject matter for students to consider while selecting science fair projects, are those about the environment.

Will background music improve test performance or other activities? Great idea for science fair projects.
Will little John or Mary do better on the next math test when hard rock or rap is being played in the background while they are studying?  This question has been debated for many years and there is experimental data to prove both sides of the discussion. You can find out doing science fair projects.

Great idea for a science fair project.
If you are looking for a cool and winning idea or experiment for your science fair project, try this one for the size.

What is a science fair abstract and why is it important?
First off, we must agree on what the word “abstract” means.  It has several different meanings but with regards to science fair projects, “abstract” means a brief, or a summary or a review.  In other words, a shortened version of the whole thing.more on science fair abstract

All About The "Scientific Method"
In order to do a science fair project you must observe the “scientific method”.  This is a procedure established many years ago for all scientific research.  No matter what your grade level or how easy or difficult your science fair project, you must play by the rules which means you must use the scientific method. More on scienctific method.

Careers in Life Science
While doing your science fair project, you may begin to realize that there are so many different jobs and careers to pursue in the sciences.  Many people are surprised when they learn just how many different kinds of work may be found in the field of science. more on careers in life science

More About Careers in Science
Very few people realize that there are hundreds of different careers that one can pursue in science.  Here are just a few of the more interesting ones.  Try to keep this in mind when selecting sixth grade science fair projects , ideasand experiments. more about careers in science

My First Science Fair Project - an interview with a third grader
Did you ever wonder how and eight year old feels about his first science fair project? We interviewed Stevie Melchior, a third grader in the public school system in Brooklyn, New York.

Stay Cooler in summer, warmer in winter.
It is a very hot day. You want to do all that you can to stay cool.  You want your family to be as comfortable as possible. What can you do?  There is a science fair project that helps you to determine whether the color of your clothes can help keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

A Science Fair Project on Pollution.
Is the air pollution in your home worse than the local bus stop or industrial factory. New science fair project helps you find out for yourself..

How To Choose A Science Fair Project.
The best way to select a science fair project is to think about what you more about choosing a science fair project.

Science Fair Projectsfor K to 12th graders.
Science Fair Winners! Try one of these cool and proven winners for your next science fair.

Winning science fair projects, ideas and experiments! Make science fun with exciting science fair projects.

What makes a Good Science Fair - Winning Science Fair Tips

How’s this for an eclectic assortment of New Science Fair Projects.

New Science Projects For Younger Grades - cool and winning science projects that will interest the younger students.

School Science Fair Projects - Ideas and Experiments for kids of all grades.

Kids Science Fair Projects - Everything that parents should know.

Learn All About Science - the Fun and Easy Way.

Why do we have Science Fairs - Are They Really Important?

Basic Concept of Science - What is science fair really all about?

Science Fair Projects - What judges are looking for.

Science Fair Projects that really Rocks! Make your display interesting.

Science Fair Project - Safety Tips. Important information that parents should know about SAFETY when you do Science Fair Projects.

Science Fair Projects - Read the judges official science fair projects "score card!"

Do a science fair project and help save money on the family budget.

How to do a science fair project on water conservation.

Science Fair Projects - You Don't Have To Settle For Ho-Hum

Can you make the connection between a sinking boat, a light from under the sea, and estimating the unknown?
All three are the subject of unusual science fair projects for elementary and upper grade students. You might opt for a science project which answers the question; If you keep adding weight to a boat, will it eventually sink?  Another area of intellectual pursuit will teach you about very special bacteria under the sea that actually emit light.  And another great science fair project is about whether boys or girls are more adept at estimating the unknown

Your Science Fair Project Display - Put the "Wow" in your Project!
You've worked hard on completing all the necessary steps on your science fair project. Now it's time to tell the world all about it! Your display can make or break your chance of winning a science fair award. Follow our no-fail display tricks and tips and you'll be on the winning side of your fair!
Science Fair Project Displays - Winning Tips and Tricks!

Help the Environment - Stop Making Trash!
Did you know that every one of your neighbors generated five pounds of trash yesterday? And the day before. And the day before that. And so did you! We are all generating five pounds of trash every day. Over 300 million Americans each generating an average of five pounds of garbage a day, that's a lot of trash! Try a science fair project to help the environment - learn about composting, recycling to reduce trash or learn about useful items people throw away as trash! Read about making less trash.

Science Fair Season - Get those Projects Ready!
Fretting over your school's science fair? We've got your answer! Choosing a winning science fair projects is as easy as finding a topic that interest you. How about one of these interesting science fair projects: Who are better students - girls or boys? Did you know sand dollars have teeth? Count the teeth on a sand dollar! Make a propeller move with power from the solar system!

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HELP! My Science Fair Project is due now!
Did your science fair sneak up on you? Need and quick and easy science fair project? Find a easy science fair projects that you can do in a flash!Or how about one of these cool science fair projects sure to get attention!

Science Fair Project Help
Getting ready for science fair? Don't sweat it. Check out these science fair guides to help you find, create and complete a great science project! We have science fair project ideas, science fair project tips, science fair project guides with science fair instructions to get you going!

Science is Fun!
Science doesn't have to be boring! We have hundreds of science fair projects that make science exciting! How about a project on baseball, music or astrology? Do you like biology, chemistry or physics? There are many science topics for great project ideas. Find your favorite topic in these science fair project ideas. Make this the best science fair ever!

Weird Science Facts - Science Project Possibilities!
A collection of fun, crazy and just plain weird science facts. Interesting facts that are fun to read. You might find an idea for unique science fair projects. in this collection of weird science facts!

Science Fair Projects-Find a Great Project Here:
Science Fair Project -Germ Killers! | Science Fair Project Idea -Do Gender Roles Exist? | ESP - A Revealing Science Fair Project! | More Science Projects

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