New Science Fair Project on Pollution

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Is the air pollution in your home worse than the local bus stop or industrial factory. New science fair project helps you to find out for yourself.

You may think that air pollution is someone else’s problem. 
Well think again. You may find that you have more air pollution in your own home than at some places in town where you think it is really dirty.  This subject is a good idea for experiments and projects for science fair.  Probably the best known form of air pollution is smog which is a real problem in many cities.  All kinds of pollution contribute to global warming.  Almost anything that people pump into the atmosphere is considered air pollution.

The main pollutant that is warming the planet is carbon dioxide, often called the greenhouse gas.  This comes from cars and power plants and the burning of fossil fuelsClimate change is also being caused by smog which is really sulfur dioxide known as acid rain.  We must all contribute to the lessening of this tragic situation.  We can drive electric cars, recycle and practice conservation.  Testing the amount of pollution in various place can be cool and winning science fair project.

It was reported by the Environmental Protection Agency that pollution in the home is three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor pollution. This could come from cigarettes, carpets, paint building materials, radon, cleaning fluids, air conditioning systems and many other causes.

One way to test for pollution for your science fair project or just for the fun of it is to take a number of glass slides and rub some petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the slide.  Just put a thin layer on.  Next take these slides to several places in town and in your home.  You can put four or five of them in different places in your home and find places in town where the slide will remain undisturbed.  Try to find places like the local school, the doctors office, an industrial plant, a bus stop or other good places.

Leave the slides alone for a day or so and then collect them making certain that you identify where they came from.  Next using a microscope or a good magnifying glass, count all the particles of pollution that accumulated on each slide and you will see where the most pollution is.  This experiment is the basis of a really good science fair project.  If you go to you will find 400 wonderful science fair projectsProject 471 is a good project on pollution.




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