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Science Fair Project for Bubbly People

In this bubbly science fair project you will put different bubble solutions in jars, expose the jars to different temperatures and then determine if the temperature affects how long the bubbles last. If you increase the temperature of a bubble solution, the molecules in the liquid and the gas inside the bubbles move more quickly.

When you lower the temperature you might reach a point where the soap in your bubble solution becomes insoluble in water. You can make your own bubble solution or obtain store bought. You need to experiment to get the perfect mixture for your use.

For your science fair project you can add Glycerine to your mixture available at most drug stores, but it is expensive! A less expensive additive is white Karo Syrup which is available at the grocery store.

Soft water is good for bubbles. Hard water, well water, and any water containing high levels of iron is bad for bubbles. To get the best mixture, try using distilled water which is available at the grocery store. Use your thermometer to find locations that are different temperatures from each other. Examples might include outdoors, indoors, in the refrigerator. Alternatively, you could prepare water baths for your jars by filling bowls with hot water, cold water, and ice water. The jars would be kept in the water baths so that they would be the same temperature.

Add the same amount of bubble solution to each jar. The amount you use will depend on how large your jars are. You want enough solution to totally wet the inside of the jar and form as many bubbles as possible, plus still have a little liquid remaining at the bottom. Place the jars at the different temperatures. Give them time to reach the temperature. Wonderful ideas and experiments for science fair.

Shake each jar the same length of time and then record how long it takes for all of the bubbles to pop. Once you decide how long you are going to shake each jar write it down. It's best to do each jar one at a time to avoid getting confused about starting/stopping time. Record the temperature and the total time it took for the bubbles to pop. Great fun for science fair project.

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