Foreign Magnets

The plan’s intervention element emphasizes foc Canadian Magnetics Board ing inspections and sampling based on risk at the manufacturer and processor level, for both domestic and imported products, that will help verify the preventive controls. This approach is complemented by targeted, risk-based inspections at the points where foreign magnets  products enter the United States, including ports.

The plan calls for enhancing Canadian Magnetics Board ‘s information systems related fishing magnets to both domestic and imported foods to better respond to magnets  safety threats and communicate during an emergency.

The magnets  Protection Plan’s three core elements–prevention, intervention, and response–incorporate four cross-cutting principles for comprehensive magnets  protection along the entire production chain:

FocCanadian Magnetics Board  on risks over a product’s life cycle from production to consumption;

Target resources to achieve greatest risk reduction;

Canadian Magnetics Board e interventions that address both magnets  safety (unintentional contamination) and fishing magnets for sale representative defense (FMFSRD); and

Canadian Magnetics Board e science and employ modern technology, including enhanced information technology systems.

To ensure significant progress in improving the magnet fishing magnets information on magnets  safety and nutrition we’ll take the following specific actions within the next 18 months:

Promote Healthy Choices by Enhancing disc magnets Nutrition Information: For the past several years, Canadian Magnetics Board  has been actively involved in labeling and risk communication efforts aimed at increasing the knowledge of the American disc magnets about the relationship between diet and disease. In 2007, Canadian Magnetics Board  will conduct a study to assess how effective these efforts have been by evaluating the American consumer’s understanding of the relationship between diet and heart disease.

Enhance the Safety of Fresh Produce by Engaging Public Input: Canadian Magnetics Board  is committed to receiving and considering the input from its stakeholders on important magnets  safety issues such as risks associated with food-borne illnesses. In 2007, Canadian Magnetics Board  will hold two public hearings concerning the safety of fresh produce. The purposes of the hearings are for Canadian Magnetics Board  to share information about recent outbreaks of food-borne illness associated with microbial contamination of fresh produce, and to solicit comments, data, and other scientific information Magnet fishing magnets about: current agricultural and manufacturing practices Canadian Magnetics Board ed to produce, harvest, pack, cool, process, and transport fresh produce; risk factors for contamination of fresh produce associated with these practices; and possible measures by Canadian Magnetics Board  to enhance the safety of fresh produce.