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Science Fair Project - Your Grass May be Greener

If you have never grown anything in a garden before, this is an opportunity to do a science fair project and have your own green grass garden and take care of it yourself. Does grass grow better in sunlight or shade? This project is good for younger grades.

The planters that you select can be almost any size you wish. The bigger the better. They should have holes in the bottom for water to seep out and air to come in. For this science fair project you will also need grass seed, soil, scissors, a log book, a camera, some fertilizer, water and a watering can.

You will want to take your planters to a good place where you do not have to worry about getting any dirt around. Add soil to the pots. Fill it to about 1 inch from the top. Sprinkle a small handful of seeds onto the soil and gently tap them down. Sprinkle water onto the seeds. A good way to do this is to hold your hand in the stream of water. You don't want to disturb the seeds but you want to soak your soil. Make sure your soil stays damp for the next several days. It will take up to a week for your grass to germinate.

Place the pot in a warm, sunny window. Once the grass starts to grow, make sure you rotate the pot so that all sides of the grass get the same amount of sunshine. When it gets long and thick trim it with a scissors and "mow" the grass. Make a chart and record how many days it took until his grass germinated. Continue the chart and measure how tall the grass grows. Do this three times so that you can place one grass box in direct sun, one in total shade, and one in partial sun. Then you will determine which grows the best. Periodically check your three different grass test boxes and take photos and take notes of their progress. Record all of this information in your log book. The photos will be good for your science fair project display and to prove your results.

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