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Today we had "project day" in class. It went so smoothly (if you can recognize smooth in the midst of chaos) and I have to commend your Blueprints for that."

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Who are the most respectful drivers: men or women, boys or girls?

Great idea for a science fair project.

If you are looking for a cool and winning idea or experiment for your science fair project, try this one on for size. Find a good and comfortable and safe corner on some street in your neighborhood.  Take a pad and a pencil and watch the cars go by.  You will be able to create a most interesting experiment in social behavior.  You will be able to determine whether men or women have more respect for the traffic laws. Just watch and observe who makes a full stop at the stop signs.

Do women stop or do they just slow down?  Do men hurry thru the stop sign without a full stop?  There are many different versions of this science fair project that you can consider.  For example, do people driving big SUV’s observe the traffic laws better than people in smaller cars?  Or you might consider whether people observe the laws and come to full stop on weekdays better than on weekends.  On weekends people may not be working and may be more relaxed.  How does this affect their driving behavior? This could be an award winning science fair project.  Is it true that drivers in those big SUV’s feel they have more power and that the laws do not apply to them as they scoot past the stop sign without coming to a full stop?

This idea and experiment for your science fair project is really a job for a budding social psychologist or someone who is interested in human behavior.  You can connect to Project 473 and see the project in all of its detail.

The science fair project can take off in many different directions.  You may want to delve more deeply into interviewing people and finding out why some people come to full stop and others just slow down a little.  Does this have anything to do with aggressive behavior?  Does it have anything to do with age or gender?
Do people who run stop signs exhibit other aggressive behavior?

Is there any difference in the behavior of older people than younger people?  You might hypothesize that older people are more mature and more respectful of the law.  But will your research prove or disprove that hypothesis?

In any event, you will have a lot of fun with this science fair project idea and learn a lot about human behavior at the same time.

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