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Will background music improve test performance or other activities?  Great idea for science fair projects.

Will little John or Mary do better on the next math test when hard rock or rap is being played in the background while they are studying?  This question has been debated for many years and there is experimental data to prove both sides of the discussion. You can find out doing science fair projects.

It certainly is a good idea for an experiment for a science fair projects. So many of us like to listen to music while we jog, or do certain kinds of jobs, or do housecleaning.  Many believe that it is relaxing and helps to concentrate on the job.  Does it really improve performance or productivity?  Let’s find out.

Music is used by film makers to set the mood for the scene at hand.  When the bad guys are chasing the beautiful young girl, we have music in the background that sounds ominous.  And when the two lovers meet in a romantic place, the music is very different.  In a recent test in a retail environment showed that the productivity of workers increased by 10% when they wore headphones with appropriate music.

What kind of music is best?  Classical Baroque music like Vivaldi and Bach is supposed to be a good example of the kind of music that aids one in focusing on the job at hand.  Some experiments have shown that music with an upbeat rhythm will reduce stress by up to 40%.  All of this is good information for a 4th or 5th grade level science fair projects.

There is some evidence to show that the “Mozart” effect, that is doing a task with Mozart music in the background will improve performance.  Cows are supposed to produce more milk and students are supposed to do better with math problems.

Recent research in Britain with several male student riding stationary bicycles revealed that the riding performance changed according to the music being played, as well as certain body functions like heart rate.  Slower tempo music produced slower riding and faster tempo music increased heart rate and speed of riding.

There are many ideas and experiments that you can come up with for cool and winning science fair projects based on performance with different music backgrounds.  There are over 400 kid friendly science fair projects to be seen at    Projects 348 is about music and performance.







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