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How To Write A Science Fair Poject and Almost Anything Else Very Easily

One of the most difficult things to do is to get started writing a science fair project. Or for that matter almost anything else, whether it be a term paper, or a newspaper article or a short story.

I taught creative writing as a guest lecturer to many business groups, high school and university students, at seminars and other venues for many years. It never fails that most people have trouble getting started. Even graduate students with majors in English have this problem. The reason is that they write something down and then look it over and are not happy. They do not like the syntax, the exposition, the order of information. They either think it is boring or just plain not what they intended.

To do a science fair project or any other kind of writing you will get going faster and be a happier person with these few secrets. I used to ask my class; “How many of you have trouble writing?”. Almost everyone raised their hands. I would then ask them: “How many of you will be able to write something really bad if I asked you to do so?” Everyone raised their hands signifying “Yes, we can write something bad.”

I would then instruct the class to proceed to write and to remember that their objective is to write something really bad. I told them not worry about being happy with what they wrote. I instructed them to keep on writing and when they read what they have written and it turns out to be bad, then they have succeeded! They have written something bad.
They keep on writing and then something magic happens. They stop being concerned with how well it is written. They continue to write feverishly, getting all of their thoughts on paper. They are no longer concerned with the outcome, that is, having something written that is really good. They become more concerned with the process of expressing themselves, getting their thoughts on paper. This is really good information for writing a science fair project or a newspaper article.

After the class has exhausted themselves writing their little heads off, they are instructed to put their work away for a day, and then get back to it the next day. The next day they will act as editors and review what they have written and clean it up. They no longer have the writers’ fear. They are now editors. After a few rewrites, invariably the students come up with a good finished piece that they like. You can find over 400 kid friendly science fair projects on many different subjects at http://www.terimore.com.



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