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Science Fair Project: Does age make a difference in lung capacities?

The total lung capacity is the most air that the lungs can hold when they are fully inflated. The average total lung capacity is about 5.8 liters when fully inflated.

The more you exercise the greater your lung capacity, usually. Men usually have about 25% greater lung capacity than women.. Weight and age can also make a difference in lung capacity. Smoking will affect lung capacity.

Your doctor can determine whether or not you have a good or bad lung capacity. But you can try this simple experiment at home with yourself and other people to get an estimate of lung capacities. This is a great idea for a science fair project.

You must first gather subjects of various age groups (at least 3 from each group), but all either male or female, smokers or nonsmokers.

You will need several other things to do this science fair project including, a basin of water, a 5 liter clear, plastic bottle with cap, a one liter clear, plastic bottle, some plastic tubing and plastic drinking straws, paper towels, a marker and a notebook. You will be instructed in the project to observe certain procedures to do the project and make your determinations. Your subjects will be instructed to blow into a straw and watch the air from their lungs push water from a bottle.

When each subject has reached their lung capacity (they have no more air left to breathe out), record the amount of liters in your notebook by observing the level on the bottle that has air instead of water.

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