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Help the family budget with a science project.

Great ideas, experiments and projects for science fair.
Good for all grade levels and elementary school students.
First of all, you should tell your parents and children to live within their means, and not to use credit cards unless you really have to. Spend less money than you earn.
If you do use credit cards, pay them down in full each month.
You can hypothesize how to create a fifth grade science fair project, idea or experiment with this information.  You could do a survey of your friends and neighbors to find out different ways that they save money.
If you have a lot of credit card debt at high rates, look into consolidating your debt.
Lower your student loan payments.  Forego spending money whenever possible.
Stop purchasing frivolous, impulse items. Forego purchasing non-essential items.
Refinance your mortgage or debt at a lower rate. Refinance your car loan at a lower interest rate. Find cheaper insurance rates. 
Lower your phone bill.   You could do a sixth grade science fair project on different ways to lower telephone bills, and then determine whether the bills actually get lower.  These are not projects in chemistry, physics or biology but they could be very helpful to your family.
Join an online shopping club and get 20% off. Wait for things to go on sale before buying them.
Don't buy anything just because it is on sale.
Occasionally buy generic, or non-name brand merchandise. Wait for prices to fall before buying.  Reward yourself for saving money.  Enjoy watching your debt shrink and your investments grow. Drive used cars.
Reduce your auto insurance. Don't eat out as much as you'd like to. Buy discount magazines. Do more activities at home. Invest the money you save so that it earns money too.

Don't ever spend money just because you have it.
Keep your job skills sharp.  Get a free trade magazine subscription.
Stay busy - you have less time to spend money.
Find an inexpensive hobby to occupy your time and stop you from spending money.
There are many cool and winning science projects for elementary and other grade levels that you could think of doing.  A science fair project on lowering interest payments on debt could be possible.

Find a hobby that you can earn money doing. Stop smoking.
Go on a diet and lose weight  Not only do you save money on food, look and feel better, but your long term healthcare costs should also fall dramatically.
Look critically at how you spend and save your money.
Learn how to manage your finances by reading financial publications.
Don't try to compete with your friends and neighbors.
Sell your car and take the bus to work.
Contribute the maximum each year to your 401K or to an IRA.
Remember, paying down debt is also a way to save money.
Whether you need a middle school science fair project or an elementary science fair project, some of this information may be helpful.
Lower your cable bill by ending pay channels or switching to satellite. time.
Shop for clothes at thrift shops. Many times you can find gently worn or even new clothes for 1/10 the price of new.
Pay bills online. You can save money on stamps
Put your kids on the school bus instead of driving them to school.
Slipcover or reupholster older furniture to update rather than buying expensive new furniture. Learn to refinish furniture or decorate with paint. Use cast-off furniture to make a unique piece.
Save money by taking your lunch to work every day! Make meals in bulk and then freeze them in smaller portions to save even more money.
Buy a bread maker and make your own bread.
Shop for canned goods and toiletries at salvage grocery stores.
Cancel magazine subscriptions. Read them at the library or buy them at the thrift shop for .25 to .50 after someone else has donated them.
Stop buying expensive sodas and make Kool-Aid or decaffeinated iced tea.
Cancel expensive phone options like call-waiting.
Check out library books instead of buying expensive paperbacks.
You don't need to lather twice. Save shampoo!
Exercise and eat right - keeps doctor bills down.
Brush and floss your teeth - keeps doctor bills down.
Keep up on auto maintenance to avoid costly repair.
Mend clothing instead of buying replacements.
Buy only clothing not requiring dry cleaning.
Do not get manicures.
Simplify hairstyle - one that doesn't require much maintenance.
Get quotes anytime shopping for item over $100.
Many inexpensive, no-name drugstore cosmetics are as good as or better than their department store or salon counterparts. Read the ingredients and find cheaper substitutes for your favorites wherever possible.

Buy generic over the counter medicine.
Buy generic baby wipes, diapers and formula
Find name brand clothing at garage sales in affluent neighborhoods.
Find fashionable clothing at the sale departments of stores.
Buy baby clothes from someone that has a child one year older than yours. You can get good quality clothing, fashionable baby clothing at ultra low prices.
If you get change back when you purchase an item, put it in the piggy bank.
You could for example do a science fair project on what it costs to buy food from several different supermarkets, and do research on how much it cost for the same fruits and vegetables at an outdoor weekly farmers market, especially if you wait until near the end of the day when many vendors dramatically reduce their prices. What a great idea for an experiment or science fair project for 4th grades or even for fifth or sixth grade science project assignments.
Save money by shopping for groceries in the "bulk foods" aisle in your grocery store. Many stores now carry bulk staples that are much less per ounce than the smaller family size versions. Buy large noodles, sugar, flour, etc. and appropriate storage containers for the part not to be used as soon as the package is opened.
If your family is trading off meat for legumes one or more times per week (which can be both healthy and cost effective,) shop for dry legumes and rice in the "Mexican" food aisles. They will often have better prices on a large variety of dry beans and peas.
Keep heat at 68 degrees in the winter inside your house. Wear warm clothes and socks/slippers while in the house. While watching tv, snuggle with a blanket. Warm air breeds germs.
Use  plastic bags you receive at the grocery store for trash. You don't have to buy trash bags and you are helping out the environment by recycling.
Some grocery stores give you a 5 cent credit per bag if you bring your own, although they never advertise this. Ask the next you go grocery shopping.
Do not buy a nice house, rent to own.  The payments are cheaper.
Install a water softener. It might be expensive to start up, but in the long run, you use less shampoo/conditioner on your hair and it saves your appliances (pipes, iron, washing machine, dish washer, kettle and hot water tank) from clogging up with lime scale.
Save money when shopping next time at the supermarket by remembering to check the lower items nearer to floor level as they are often much cheaper than those at eye level.  Do not  purchase extra items at the checkout such as magazines and candy bars placed there to tempt you.  Do not go food shopping on an empty stomach, you always buy more!
Buy fruits and vegetables in season.  They are less expensive and taste better.
Buy a dvd to see a movie where the whole family can enjoy it, instead of paying $8.00 each for the movie plus candy and soda. High school and elementary school science fair projects can be made up from the subject of  these money saving ideas.

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