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Science Fair Project: Effect of Hydroponics on the Root Growth of Plants

You do not need a lot of room to grow fruit and vegetables. Perhaps you can do as well without soil and grow your plants in just water alone. Here you can test for yourself just how successful this method can be. Will the plants grow better in soil, tap water, or chemical solution?

Results of hydroponics in various countries have proved it to be practical and to have definite advantages over conventional methods of horticulture. The two chief merits of the cultivation of plants without soil are higher crop yields, and that hydroponics can be used in places where ordinary agriculture or gardening is impossible. Not only is it a profitable undertaking, but one which has proved of great benefit to humanity. People living in crowded cities without gardens, can grow fresh vegetables and fruits in window-boxes or on house tops. By means of hydroponics such places can be made to yield a regular supply of clean, health-giving produce. Deserts, rocky and stony land in mountainous districts or barren and sterile areas can be made productive at relatively low cost.

For this science fair project you will need cups, plant shoots, plant food, potting soil, water, trays, and receptacles. The detailed procedures to follow are contained in the science fair project.

READ ON to learn more abut this "rooty" project.



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