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Science Fair Project: How will temperature affect rust on a penny or a paper clip, at different temperatures, in different liquids?

Everything on the planet is composed of chemicals, and all chemicals are made up of tiny particles called atoms. A chemical reaction occurs when atoms join together or break apart to form new and different combinations of atoms.

During the corrosion process, iron does not react with air. Water is necessary for the oxidation reaction to occur, to facilitate transport of the electrons, although we do know that iron will rust in air after a long time, since there are water droplets in the air. Another substance that facilitates the transport of electrons is vinegar.

This science fair project will require 10 nails, paper clips, needles, and pennies. It will need several different liquids such as milk, water, vinegar, coke, orange juice, etc. The project will show you what to do with these materials. You may use more or fewer samples, You may use more or fewer liquids. You may vary the time period to be shorter or longer. You may use two or three samples of each to see if there is any difference.

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