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How to find and choose science fair projects on the environment.

Perhaps the most timely subject matter for students to consider while selecting science fair projects, are those about the environment.  Not only is the environment an important topic, especially these days of global warming and oil spills, but it is also a most interesting subject for ideas and experiments for science fair.

If you visit you will find over 400 kid friendly science fair projects including many projects on the environment.

Project 347 will help you delve into the subject of how rust effects certain objects like a penny, nail, paper clip or needle when submerged into a variety of different liquids environments. The student will be part detective, part chemist as he or she makes these tests to find out the truth.

You will help to save water and make your contribution to save the planet’s resources if you consider Project 350 which involves determining which uses more water, a bath or a shower.  Can you imagine just how much water could be saved if people all over the country save just a little water by washing themselves using the system that saves the most water.

Good health is important to all of us and we should know all that we can about bacteria.  Just where will you find the most bacteria; in your shoes, on your door knob, on your telephone, on the toilet seat, or on your hair brush.  Project 427 has all of the details of this fascinating experiment. 
When looking for science fair projects for 4th grade or 5th grade students, this one will stand out.

Oil spills are the most damaging of all events.  It takes months or even years to clean up the affects of an oil spillProject 456 is one of the best science fair projects for determining what kind of material will absorb the most oil. 

Another interesting category of projects for science fair is about the acidity of water and determining where the water has the highest acidity.  You can investigate your father’s workplace, your kitchen or your bathroom.  Project 459 will give you all the details you need.





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