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How To Get a Teaching Job in Science.  Science fair projects are a good beginning.

Perhaps doing science fair projects motivated you to want to get a job teaching science. In order to get your first job as a teacher in science or any other subject you must have a bachelors degree, and satisfactorily complete a teaching program, and be properly licensed. The availability of jobs will vary widely depending on where you are. The younger grades offer better opportunities for teaching positions.

The trend in education these days is to have less structured classes, and the students are encouraged to work together to solve problems.  Students should be motivated to be open to new technologies, to interact with fellow students, and to use their logical minds to solve problems.   Doing science fair projects is an excellent method to get students interested in science. They do not spend nearly as much time as in the past on learning rote tables and rules.  The job of the teacher is to provide the atmosphere for the children to hone these aptitudes and skills. Many tools are used to effect this objective such as computers and multi media materials.

Teachers in the elementary schools may work alone or often as a team.  Secondary school teachers will reveal more of the outside world to their students.  Those who do well doing science fair projects are often good candidates for excellent grades in science.

The modern resources available to the science teacher includes computers and telecommunication systems and video discs, as well as slides, film and multi media.  The computer has many uses in addition to being a research tool for the student.  The computer is used for clerical duties as well as recording grades and administrative responsibilities.

Because science teachers have to deal with a great variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds, many teachers have available to them special training in working with multicultural programs.
Secondary school science teachers are often called upon to assist students in career planning and college selection.  Some teachers get involved in budget, personnel, textbook selection and teaching methodology.

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