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Top Jobs in the Future


Science Fair Projects Can Lead to Top Jobs in the Future

If your children do well in their science fair projects, there is no telling just how far they might go with a career in science.  Here is some information that you may find enlightening about various careers in science and just how much they pay.

Virtually all of these jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree and many will require a master’s or a doctorate.  The science fair projects that your children do may give you a clue as to how to help guide them into a career in science. These jobs pay over $50,000 a year and some as much as $100,000 a year.  Here are more details.  Make certain that science fair projects are given all of the attention they deserve.

The Government indicates that jobs in science will increase significantly during at least the next five years, and probably after that.  Jobs in the environment will grow the fastest. 

Jobs in the environmental sciences deal mostly with issues pertaining to resources and pollution. 
Over 20,000 new jobs are expected in this area and they pay over $55.000.

The role of the hydrologist in science is the person who studies water and rainfall.  They will earn about $66,000 to start and work their way up if they have the proper degrees.  Better do well on that science fair project if you want to be a scientist.

About 7000 new geoscientists will be needed to study the earth and its origins.  For this work, they will get about $73,000 and up.  More reason to do well on your science fair project.

The study of human health and disease is the job of the medical scientist.  These specialists develop treatment and prevention of serious illness.  About 18,000 new medical scientists will be needed and earn about $62,000 per year to start.   All the more reason to carefully select science fair projects to guide students in the right direction.

Living organisms and how they are affected by chemistry and physics is the work of the biochemists and biophysicians.  They will earn $76,000 and about 3000 are needed.

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