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Science fair projects on psychology are important if you are planning to pursue a career about human behavior. There are many science fair projects for all grade levels which will get the student involved in the study of behavior. For example, a fifth grade student could do a science fair project to learn how car drivers behave at stop signs. Do they come to a full stop or do they just slow down? Do men behave at stop signs in a different manner than women? Do boys behave differently than girls? Do people behave differently on weekends than on weekdays? Do people in sports cars behave the same as people who drive SUV’s? All of these questions can be answered for your science fair project on this phase of human behavior. It will be a revelation for most elementary grade students to do a science fair project on this subject.

Another great arena for observing human behavior is at the supermarket. Many different science fair projects could be devised in this environment. For example you can observe the behavior of people while checking out. Do men behave differently than women? Do women with children behave properly? How about the kids, how do they behave? Do children with their fathers behave any differently than children with their mothers? What do people do at the produce section? Do they handle all of the fruit whether they buy it or not? For your science fair project, you will observe all of this behavior and then record what you see.

Do parents let their children run around the store unsupervised annoying everyone? Are little girls better behaved than little boys? There is just no end to how many different facets of human behavior that you can observe at the supermarket. A science fair project on this subject can be easy or more difficult for any grade level.

Another area of observation is table manners. Do boys behave differently than girls? Are elbows on the table? Do people say please and thank you? Do people speak with their mouths full? Do they smack their lips when eating? All good stuff to observe for that science fair project.


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