DIY A Magnetic Name tags

DIY A Magnetic Name tags – Tips For Creative Labels


You can create your very own DIY a magnetic name tags at home. This will save money and be better for your own environment. Making a DIY a magnetic Name tag saves you money and time compared to purchasing one already made. You could also customize the tags which makes them unique. The only tools necessary for this particular project are a magnet, paper, cardstock, small pair pliers and ofcourse your imagination.



There are several different sizes to select from when making a DIY a magnetic name tag. Make sure to choose a size that fits the individual’s name and date of birth. You are going to desire to outline the name tag having a magnetic force or magnetic power so it stays put. This is a good way to preserve all your crucial information handy. Keeping essential points in a simple to transport pocket is actually a great idea.


To create the templatefirst put a piece of cardstock face down and then draw the outline with pinpoint accuracy onto the cardstock with an imperceptible markers. You will then want to lower the card stock into the suitable size. Employing a thin bladed razor, then meticulously shave the outline.


Next, you will need to make a template of this label you have just made. Utilize an inkjet printer to create a 1 inch by two inch (half-inch by half-inch) template of one’s desired shape. You will then need to cut the paper to squeeze into the card-stock template. Using a hot iron, gently warm the paper before it becomes tender and malleable. Following that, you can split the paper into little strips, but avoid sticking together.


With a hot glue gun, attach the magnetic strip across the lines you just created. You need to make use of multiple coats of adhesive to make sure the bond is strong. When the glue has dried, then turn the piece so that the reverse side faces out. Put on the magnetic name tags to the exterior of the card. Cut off any excess glue and discard. Allow the piece to dry before you place it straight back on your luggage or shirt.


With a little bit of imagination and ingenuity, you can find with a number of other ways to create your own DIY magnetic name tag. If you never believe you have the moment, you’ll find various sites offering templates at no cost. There are also many websites which permit one to publish them for use. This offers you an alternate option once you simply have a small timeframe.

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