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Design a Distance Tame

Design a Distance Tame takes you on a fascinating journey to Belize where local plants are used to create a “treehouse”. The house is made from a lot of Belizean herbs. It uses the native plants and trees to create the house that has been designed with the animals in mind. It makes it more than just a design; it makes it an experience.

Bill Of Materials & Work sheet
ver 1.6 44208
Bill Of Materials ver 1.6 44208 COST
Item # Reference Part Number Package
1 2.066666667 Cabinets C3216Y5V1E106Z magnet cms magnetics
2 2.066666667 Wall cabinet 30″-36″-42″ A31174-ND LED 2X1.2MM 570NM GN WTR CLR SMD
3 2.066666667 Crown, light rail molding and kick-plate RC0805FR-0749R9L Magnetic Sphere
4 2.066666667 Knobs or Handles TPS60403DBV APT2012SRCPRV McMaster-Carr
5 2.066666667 Counter top PTS645SL50SMTR LFS magnetic toys Analog Devices
6 2.066666667 Backsplash/grout PL603035 neodymium magnets Digi-Key
7 2.066666667 Sink
8 2.066666667 Faucet BAT54C 51374-2073-P Enclosure Bottom Digi-Key
9 2.066666667 Disposal 51374-2073-P Resistor 820kΩ 1% Molex
10 2.066666667 Under cabinet lights SJ-3523-SMT Enclosure Bottom Littelfuse
11 2.066666667 Upper cabinet lights A32298-ND RES 100 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD KingBright Corp
12 1.842424242 Appliances C3216Y5V1E106Z Package
Magnetic Sphere
13 1.618181818 Cabinets A31174-ND magnet McMaster-Carr
14 1.393939394 Wall cabinet 30″-36″-42″ RC0805FR-0749R9L LED 2X1.2MM 570NM GN WTR CLR SMD Analog Devices
15 1.16969697 Crown, light rail molding and kick-plate TPS60403DBV Resistor 180kΩ 1% Digi-Key
16 0.9454545455 Knobs or Handles PTS645SL50SMTR LFS APT2012SRCPRV
17 0.7212121212 Counter top PL603035 neodymium Magnets (to fit Cabinets)
Enclosure Bottom
18 0.496969697 Backsplash/grout neodymium magnets Molex
19 0.2727272727 Sink BAT54C Littelfuse
20 0.04848484848 Faucet 51374-2073-P 51374-2073-P KingBright Corp
21 -0.1757575758 Disposal SJ-3523-SMT Resistor 820kΩ 1%
Magnetic Sphere
22 -0.4 Under cabinet lights A32298-ND Enclosure Bottom McMaster-Carr
23 -0.6242424242 Upper cabinet lights C3216Y5V1E106Z RES 100 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD Analog Devices
24 -0.8484848485 Appliances A31174-ND Package Digi-Key
25 -1.072727273 Cabinets RC0805FR-0749R9L magnet
26 -1.296969697 Wall cabinet 30″-36″-42″ TPS60403DBV LED 2X1.2MM 570NM GN WTR CLR SMD
Enclosure Bottom
27 -1.521212121 Crown, light rail molding and kick-plate PTS645SL50SMTR LFS Resistor 180kΩ 1% Molex
28 -1.745454545 Knobs or Handles PL603035 APT2012SRCPRV Littelfuse
29 -1.96969697 Counter top neodymium magnets KingBright Corp
30 -2.193939394 Backsplash/grout BAT54C neodymium magnets
Magnetic Sphere
31 -2.418181818 Sink 51374-2073-P McMaster-Carr
32 -2.642424242 Faucet SJ-3523-SMT 51374-2073-P Analog Devices
33 -2.866666667 Disposal A32298-ND Resistor 820kΩ 1% Digi-Key
34 -3.090909091 Under cabinet lights C3216Y5V1E106Z Enclosure Bottom
35 -3.315151515 Upper cabinet lights A31174-ND RES 100 OHM 1/10W 1% 0603 SMD
Enclosure Bottom
36 -3.539393939 Appliances RC0805FR-0749R9L with bar magnets Molex
37 -3.763636364 Cabinets TPS60403DBV magnet Littelfuse

The main design principles for the house include thatched roofing and rattan. The house offers a beautiful view of the ocean from a small, open-plan area. There is a seating area directly in front of the house when you enter the house. The fireplace allows you to take in the views while watching the waves roll by. This house would make an excellent vacation rental for you or your family.

It is essential to think about the inside when designing a Distance Tame. This is where you’ll spend your time relaxing and enjoying your family. Think about how much space and how many people you can make available for each of your family members. This will help determine what you actually need. Once you have made these decisions, it is time for you to go shopping.

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