Do it Strongly

Disorganized rooms are no fun, and refrigerators whiteboards, refrigerators, and various metallic surfaces aren’t any different. Learning resources has an answer to this problem: Super Strong Magnetic Hooks and Clips. These clips are protected by a powerful circular magnet. They are the perfect solution to hang any type of school work or prized artwork. This handy tool is an excellent gift idea, because it comes with six free 3M protective stickers!

Magnetic hooks are strong depending on the surface they are attached to. For example an average magnet can hold up 50 pounds if placed horizontally. The strength of the magnet can be affected by the thickness of the steel or the smoothness of the surface. They are great for hanging non-fossil decorations, like buntings. They also don’t leave sticky residues! Since they’re made from rare earth magnets they’re safe for indoor and outdoor use.

A strong magnetic hook will save you valuable bulletin board and wall space in your office or classroom. These sturdy hooks can support up to 20 pounds each on an area with magnetic. Magnetic hooks can be used to hang flipbooks, pocket charts, or pocket decorations. Don’t be fooled by their size. Strong magnetic Hooks are available in a variety styles and colors. Whether you need a simple clip for your office, or a huge classroom, they will accomplish the task.

If you’re looking to hang an item of luggage, hang your tools, or suspend overhead lighting, magnetic hooks can hold them in their place. And unlike other magnetic hooks that are attached to the surface with screws, magnetic hooks will not harm the surface beneath. In addition to being durable and secure, magnetic hooks do not scratch or damage the surface so you won’t have to worry about the metal becoming damaged or chipped.

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