How Neodymium Disc Magnets Can Make Your Garage Door Operate More Effectively

Neodymium disc magnets are a great way to make sure that your discs do not rip, tear, or break. These discs are made out of a rare metal, Neodymium, which is a very strong magnet but also has a negative charge to it. They are used in a variety of industries from dentistry to the aerospace industry. The Neodymium magnets are placed on the back of the disc and they create a large positive field around the disc, making the disc wobble, bend, and even ripple if you’re lucky. This movement is what allows the disc to record the energy and read it, creating a digital read-out of the power level that the disc can take.

Most of the time, these discs will use their energy in a linear fashion. That is to say that the current will flow down the center of the disc, while the energy is used in the outer layers. Neodymium magnets work in a different way though, which can make them more effective. If the layer that the disc is placed on already has a nice little groove in it, the magnet can actually “cavity” the disc. Now this is important, because when the energy is applied to the magnet, the grooves cause the Neodymium magnets to push the disc in a slightly different direction, and this causes the reading to go up.

It seems as though by placing the Neodymium disc magnets on top of the disc, it can cause the grooves in the disc to open up. When the energy is applied, the Neodymium magnets actually push the disc in a slightly different direction, and this causes the readings to go up. So, with the magnets, it is more about creating a new channel for the energy to flow through. You can find all sorts of Neodymium disc magnets online, so look around and see if any of them may be good enough for you!

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