ring-shaped magnetic device

ring-shaped magnetic device

pot magnet, a ring-shaped magnetic device, contains a Neodymium Magnet and is protected by a steel cover. Pot magnets’ strength is dependent on how strong they can pull. The magnet’s holding power increases as more material is placed near it. However it cannot attract large amounts in one application. Its strong pull force is required to hold large quantities of material.

pot magnet

The steel shells are machined by either a stamping, or turning process. The former is more common, and the price advantage is that it doesn’t require molding. The latter is more plentiful in product series but its hold force in the same dimensions is generally higher than that of the former. The latter can also be reversed. Pot magnets are a versatile product that is not only more popular. It is an excellent choice for both commercial and industrial applications because of its durability and accuracy.

A pot magnet can be a large magnet that can be clamped to a steel surface. They are only magnetic on their outer surfaces, so they should not be used to attract any other magnets. They come with a tapped, or counter-bored hole. They can be customized to suit any application. You can request a custom order if you need a particular shape or size. The minimum order quantity is usually 20 pieces.

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