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As the planner for a company that works to develop resources for rare earth magnets, I get a good deal of questions from coworkers and clients. Why do you need to be so cautious when looking for rare earth metals? I normally let them know that it is because it’s a really competitive sector. rare earth magnets Elements such as ruthenium, osmium, iridium, sulfur, boron, selenium, americium, thamnia, etc. are all in raising demand and all have their own unique selling points.

It’s pretty easy to understand why an element like rare earth magnets is indeed precious. It is one of the rarest elements on Earth! The other stuff is just not as valuable, thus there’s a huge demand for this. As it is so hard to find, it costs a good deal more to extract than other elements. Hence the mining companies which mine the gold, silver, nickel and palladium ore in the world, need to charge far more for it to become profitable.

One thing I try to stress to my clients and colleagues is that should they don’t have a problem with sourcing it themselves, they can readily get a great thing. Many countries around the world export rare earth magnets, but they are not always fully dependable. But if you’re able to supply rare earth magnets yourself, then you are going to be getting value for money and will feel good knowing that you’re helping out our surroundings.

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